Membership and Nomination Model

Membership Criteria

    Member should be 18 to 35 years in age.

    Should be a Non-Resident Indian.

    He/she should not be a part of any other Political organization, or must relinquish their Membership in any other political organization.

Membership Cut off DOB

    The cut-off Date of Birth for Membership are XX-XXX-XXXX to XX-XXX-XXXX

Active Members

    The Indian Youth Congress recognizes its members as Active Members. Active members of the overseas unit are aimed to spread a word and strengthen the organization in the country of their residence.

    Active Members are the backbone of the organization. The organization offers more voice to the Active Members in its working. The organization expects active participation from these Members in its programs.

    Aspiring Active Members should

  • He/she has to provide the mandatory data, photo, documentary evidence (like Copy of Indian Passport, Copy of residence proof).

  • He/she has to provide his own authenticated Mobile number.

  • Pay the Membership Fees.

Pehchaan/ ID Cards

    Members/ enrollers will be able to download the membership ID card for all the members they have paid until the membership closing date. ID cards will be made available after the membership scrutiny has been completed.

Membership Fee

Type of EnrolmentMembership Fee
With IYC Android Application$50/- per Active member annually

  • Active Members applicants have to pay the Membership Fees through WITH IYC APP

  • There is ONLY ONE Online channel -- WITH IYC - Mobile App on Android.

  • Active members must submit their Photo and a photocopy of any one of the documents: Aadhaar Card / Driving License / EPIC Voter card or Passport online.

  • No other documents will be accepted by IYC.

  • The IYC Membership is valid for 1 years from the Membership Closure or till reaching the age of 35 or till the person is an Office bearer. The Member can renew his/her Membership until he/she is not completed the age of 35.

  • The IYC Committee reserves the right to expel a member at any point in time, for violations of IYC Code of Conduct.

Scrutiny of Member

    After the membership is over the list of enrolled members will be checked on basis of:

  • ID

  • Photo

  • Details provided during membership

  • Age

    3 lists published at the time of scrutiny are as follows:

  • In Process: Candidate preference for members in this list will be considered.

  • On Hold List: Certain corrections on ID and OTP will be alloweddirectly by the aggregator using the With IYC application.

  • Reject List: Members in this list will be rejected and corrections will not beallowed.

Eligibility Criteria: Delegate for residing country

PostNumber of Enrolments
State Delegate10
National Delegate30